R&R Masterclass

Ritual & Renewal

Weave Ritual & Ceremony for self care into your everyday life with ease

Welcome to Ritual & Renewal,

a space for you to create a life rich with ritual and ceremony where even the seemingly mundane moments pulsate with aliveness.

A 2.5 hour masterclass & e-book & accompanying playlist for the woman ready to prioritize her well ~ being.


December 4th

10-12:30pm MST


*recording included with registration

When our pillars of self care are not prioritized they become weak and can no longer hold the many layers of our life.

This starts to become expressed through feeling scattered, exhausted, burnt out, disassociated, overwhelmed, unable to hold – handle – or “take it anymore”.

But what if instead we had daily rhythms that could release the pressure, soften the stress, ground us inward, hold us through times of uncertainty and increase our capacity to hold from a place a fullness?

In R&R you will receive a treasure chest of rituals and rhythms for each pillar of the day that I share with you alongside story medicine from the experiences of my own life.

  • Morning Pillar – to set the tone
  • Afternoon Pillar – to ground and recalibrate
  • Evening Pillar – to reflect and integrate

Woven from the physical, energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual elements of




Kundalini Yoga


Inner Reflection


Within this masterclass there will be demos, space to embody the practices being taught, story telling and an additional layer of how you can invite children into these practices.

Do you feel ready to prioritize your well being?

Do you believe that holding space for yourself increases your capacity to hold space for those around you?

Do you want to experience all of this and need it to be simply woven into your everyday life?

The doors for R&R are open!

This offering is for the woman who:

wants to take care of her well being

knows it’s time to prioritize holding space for herself

may hold a curiosity around the possibility of inviting children into these rituals

longs for sacred rhythm

the maiden , the mother and the crone who feel that potent YES and a desire within that says,

I want this.

Register online through the link below or by e-transfer of $33 to honouringshe@gmail.com