Imagine …..

A beautiful pregnant goddess sitting upon her throne.

Surrounded by women.

They are all there to honour and celebrate HER.

SHE is the focus.

The women, they gather.

They connect through breath, movement, meditation and share in sacred rituals.

They honour the mama to be with beautiful letters, poetry, and words.

They sway and sing sweet songs that return them to an ancient knowing … this medicine is coded within their blood and bones.

They present her with gifts from nature charged with love frequency that she may carry with her to pull strength during birth.

She is adorned, blessed and pampered through layers of receiving.

They laugh, cry and share elevating stories of birth and motherhood.

A web of support is built around the mother through the remainder of pregnancy, through birth, into motherhood and beyond.

The ceremony is closed through feasting upon delicious food and nourishing beverages.

A mother blessing celebrates the rite of passage from maiden to mother.

It’s an occasion where the mother is the primary focus.

The emphasis is to acknowledge the expectant mother – her power, strength, beauty, grace, and intuition.

To offer her words of elevation, love and support.

This is an opportunity to gather together in a close group of friends to receive blessings for the journey into birth and motherhood.

This ceremony has been inspired from the traditional Navajo blessingway.

This ceremony is tailored to meet each individual mama’s vision.