“When women gather in circle we remember who we are and let go of who we were told to be. These circles are ancient and deep within our blood and bones we know, feel and long for them. A beautiful co-creation of each woman who gathers who brings with her a unique thread that when woven together creates the tapestry of the circle.”

Amber Rose

Hi! I’m Amber Rose,

I hold healing space for women of all ages through ALL their womb phases.

I am a lover of all things moon, womb and women.

My soul sings for heart shares, sunrises, forest walks, ocean swims, warm cacao, nourishing food and sacred ceremony.

I am a Mama, Yoga Teacher, Sacred Space Holder, Birth Keeper, Bereavement Doula, Postpartum Doula, Womb Guide and Women’s Mentor living in Calgary Alberta.

My unique offerings are intuitively guided.

I bring with me my gifts of soul transmissions, embodied listening, energy medicine, meaningful ceremony and ritual.