“When women gather in circle we remember who we are and let go of who we were told to be. These circles are ancient and deep within our blood and bones we know, feel and long for them. A beautiful co-creation of each woman who gathers who brings with her a unique thread that when woven together creates the tapestry of the circle.”

Amber Rose

Hi! I’m Amber Rose,

I currently live, play and create in the incredible Calgary Alberta. Born in Ontario , raised on Vancouver Island B.C. I have always had a wanderlust spirit with a special connection with both mountain and ocean.

I am a Mother, Yoga Teacher, Birth Keeper, Bereavement Doula, Postpartum Doula, Womens Circle Guide & Mentor holding spaces for women to tend to the altar within.

I am deeply connected to all things moon, womb, women, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, and hold a special place in my heart for rites-of-passage and living in deep reverence with this ceremonial life.

I have been deeply invested in sharing my soul work for over 9 years but can follow the threads of how I have really been connected to and weaving for many many lives.

During this time I owned/operated a yoga studio in B.C. For 4 of those years.

I have taught more classes than I can count, ran numerous retreats, workshops, built incredible training programs, making memories and building life long friendships along the way.

I have had the absolute honour of sitting with women through pregnancy, birth, life & death.

Witnessing through joy, grief, and the full specific of experiences.

I’ve been called into walking with sisters as they follow their own calling as space holder and guide through the offering of yoga teacher trainings, mentorship’s, women’s circle facilitator and mother blessing ceremonialist training.

All the spaces that I hold are truly those at which I longed for at some point of my journey and are a true transmission from my heart.